Top Bar Hives

Top Bar Hive

This is a full size top bar hive.  It has a 25 bar capacity, which is large enough to house a full size colony throughout the year. 


  • 23 top bars (five fitted with wax starter strips)

  • 2 follower boards with holes for feeding

  • Deep roof

  • Removable legs

  • Landing board at both ends

  • Open mesh floor and floor cover board

  • Full length observation window with insulating cover (Extra £25.00)

  • Made from 20mm (3/4") thick pine

  • Coated screws used all over for longevity

  • Supplied untreated

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Our delicious natural honey comes from the wonderful flowers of south cambridgeshire, our bees are cared for using natural traditional methods with no chemical treatments used. Our bees wax, propolis and pollen are all in their purest form, making them delicious and very healthy for you and your family

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