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Sponsor a Hive

You dont have to become a beekeeper to help the bees, why not become a bee sponsor!

What is a Bee Sponsor

If you'd like to support a hive of bees and receive a share of the honey produced then we can help.
For just £120 you can buy a 1/10th share in a new hive for one year. You will receive a certificate, details of your bees and the beekeeper managing them for you, regular e-updates on the progress of your colony and up to 6 x 1/2lb jars of any honey produced*.

For more of a share you can sponsor 1/3 of a Hive for £400 and recieve a third of all the honey produced, up to 20 x 1/2lb Jars.

Or for a real buzz why not sponsor a whole hive? £1200 will buy you a whole hive for one year including up to 60 x 1/2lb jars of any honey produced*, packaged in your own personalised jars - ideal presents for family and friends. 
When your year's subscription is up you can renew your share in the same hive with a 30% discount.

If youre on a tight budget you can even sponsor 1/50th of a hive and Recieve 1 x 1/2lb Jar of Honey or even sponsor an individual Queen or Worker Bee and receive updates on your bee.

Help get more bees buzzing in Cambridgeshire

Your bee hive will be situated at one of our apiaries in and around Cambridge and will be organically managed, so promoting sustainability and beneficial for the environment.

If you have a large garden or piece of land and you sponsor a whole hive, it may be possible to actually site the hive on your land. If you would like this please include a note on your purchase form to say so and we will see what we can do.

Sponsor a hive now!

Help the bees in your area, and give yourself a warm fuzzy feeling by sponsoring a hive.

*Please note that bees are not machines and are vulnerable to the weather, predators, disease etc like all other animals. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that your colony will produce any honey.

Sponsorship Options


Our delicious natural honey comes from the wonderful flowers of south cambridgeshire, our bees are cared for using natural traditional methods with no chemical treatments used. Our bees wax, propolis and pollen are all in their purest form, making them delicious and very healthy for you and your family

Become a Beekeeper

We sell Top Bar Bee hives and Natural Bees

Help the bees yourself by becoming a beekeeper! Learn the amazing ways of the bees and produce your own honey. Contact us now to buy a bee hive!

Sponsor a Bee Hive

Like to have bees in your garden?

Become a bee sponsor and you can help the local bee population and benefit from some local honey, click below for more info.