Jolie Bee

Bee Keeping Supplies Cambridgeshire

We provide support to all beekeepers large and small.

We can supply the following equipment:

National Bee Hives, Top Bar Hives, WBC Hives

Feeders, Frames, Wax Foundation, Small Cell Foundation, Natural Bees Wax (No Chemicals)

Natural Bee Hive Treatments (Using Essential Oils)

Bee Suits, Smokers, Hives Tools, Hive Parts

British Queens, British Nucleus Bee Hives, Full Bee HIves

Queen Rearing Kits

Bee Books

Beekeeping courses

Please call for a free catalogue on 01223 911907


Our delicious natural honey comes from the wonderful flowers of south cambridgeshire, our bees are cared for using natural traditional methods with no chemical treatments used. Our bees wax, propolis and pollen are all in their purest form, making them delicious and very healthy for you and your family

Become a Beekeeper

We sell Top Bar Bee hives and Natural Bees

Help the bees yourself by becoming a beekeeper! Learn the amazing ways of the bees and produce your own honey. Contact us now to buy a bee hive!

Sponsor a Bee Hive

Like to have bees in your garden?

Become a bee sponsor and you can help the local bee population and benefit from some local honey, click below for more info.